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Hands-On Services

*Garage organizing services are offered based on weather and other conditions. Please inquire for more information. 

Whole Home Organizing

Is one room overflowing to the next?

Has your entire home gotten away from you?

Do you feel like you’re constantly trying to play catch up but can’t keep up?

We can help!  One room typically flows into the next, so without systems in place, your home can quickly get away from you. We will restructure your space so that all categories have a proper “home”.

Whole Home Orgnizng

Small/Single Space Organizing

Do items pour out of that one "scary" closet when opened?

Did a specific area just never feel right?

Have you tried to organize a space over and over again but no system has ever stuck?

We can help! We will help you create structure and systems that last whether you live on your own and need some guidance or are part of a busy household and just need a way to get everyone on the same page.

Here’s what we do within home organization:
  • Declutter

  • Create the best use of space

  • Product purchasing and set up

  • Develop time saving systems

  • Make frequently used items easily accessible

  • Guide decision making (what to keep, sell, donate, and more)

  • Label so that “homes” are always known

Small/Single Space Orgnizing
Move Management

Move Management

Are you planning on moving and don't know how to transition from one home to another?

Does being surrounding by moving boxes overwhelm you?

We can help! BGO can make this very stressful process simplified and streamlined.

Pre-Move Purge & Prep


We help you determine what belongings to take by sorting through your items with you. After the initial sort, we will guide you through dispersing your unneeded belongings through sale, donation, and other discard services. The last step is creating a  floor-plan of your new residence to determine what furniture pieces will fit and where they will go.


Project Management

We arrange for a mover from our trusted resource list or work with your preferred moving company. We structure move planning timelines to keep everything on schedule and everyone on the same page. The movers will be overseen and coordinated by BGO through packing and move day.


Unpack & Organize Services

Let BGO get you settled with our most requested move management service. We will work to fit your current space and lifestyle making sure everything is stored most efficiently. We can shop for organizing product to keep order in your new space. We also arrange the disposal of packing materials so that you're left with nothing to worry about.

New Addition(s) to Househol

New Addition(s) to The Household

Are you planning on cohabiting and need to create a joint space?

Is a little one on the way  and a full force family home needs to be created?

Do you have a parent or two moving in?

We can help! Your household is about to expand, so let us aid you in welcoming any new additions to the household. We will create a space where everyone will feel right at home.

Health Challenges

Have health challenges come up that require household system changes?

Is a family member getting older and needs the help of an outside professional to go through their belongings?

We can help! We assist people and their families going through health declines as well as illnesses that may require a change for the current living setup.

Heath Challenges

Home Inventory

Do you forget what you have and where you have it?

Would you like your whole household or a specific category of items easy to look up, see the value, and have all supporting documents at a glance?


Have you lent items to someone and then forgot about them?

We can help! Our team can digitize your whole home, your valuables, or solely a specific category so that you're always in the know about your belongings. The best part is multiple people can access it, and you can update as needed. This process is very beneficial for disaster prep (earthquakes, fires, and floods) and insurance purposes (including theft).

Home Inventory

Space Planning

Are you planning on buying new furniture?

Does your current layout feel non functional?

Do you need a spacial refresher?

We can help! BGO will talk to you about your vision, take some measurements, then create a digital space plan so you can see your ideas come to life! Gone are the days you purchase the wrong items to later find out they don't work. This service is beneficial as an add on for move management clients to make sure all current furniture items will fit in the new space. It also makes it a whole lot easier to know where things are going and how they will fit for move day.

Space Planning


Has your lifestyle changed since our last session?

Do you just need a check in to refine and tweak some things?

Are you overwhelmed and need support since it's been awhile?

With your growing children, do we need to adapt past systems?

We can help! We can get you back on track with a maintenance session.

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