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Working with Bianca was an absolute pleasure. I am not in CA, but was seeking some organization guidance - like so many others during COVID, and wanted to totally redo my closet. I originally reached out for some tips, but Bianca formulated an entire plan complete with shopping list, and was able to help me from start to finish - all virtually. Bianca checked in with me many times throughout the process and gave helpful recommendations for re-configuring and perfecting. She is a total expert, but always gave options to make sure everything was a perfect fit for me and my space. I will definitely be contacting Bianca once I’m ready to tackle my next project!

– K.S., Virtual DIY Client (Denver)

Bianca is fantastic.  I sent her pictures and told her my goals.  She sent back an estimate of how many sessions she thought we could have together.  I could choose any number of sessions, but I was not bound to any particular number.

I ended up doing a total of 4 sessions with her.  Each session was 4 hours long and nothing was left undone when she left for the day.  Things for donations were taken with her, itemized, and a receipt for tax deductions was sent to me.

This was absolutely the best money I have spent.  We created "worlds" (tech world, quilting world, card making world, etc.)  I was working on an extra closet, my craft area, and the garage.

What was so helpful was that I never thought Bianca was judging me, or my choices.  She just asked questions to help me come to my own conclusion on whether or not I needed to keep something.  It was really hard to show someone what my craft area had come to, but I am so glad I was humble enough to ask for, and seek Bianca's help.

The other thing that she is really good at is helping you decide whether or not you need any storage containers.  If you do, she makes recommendations of items that fit perfectly in your area.  That has always been another difficult one for me....what storage do I need.  Then trying to measure and find the right one at a decent price, takes so much time.   She alleviated that extra stress and gave me suggestions for what would work.

If you need help with organizing and are debating about it...I say let down your guard and bring Bianca into your home.  Through your work with her, you will get things organized, and you might even learn how to do it yourself too.  So now a year later, I was able to allocate a 4-hour block in the garage and get all of my teaching supplies organized, labeled, and in their "world."  Without Bianca's help, I would not have accomplished this task so efficiently and completely.


– E. F., El Segundo

"I'm still working on my assignments, but already finding clothes in my closet that I'd forgotten about --- so "shopping in my closet" is a real thing! Thanks to you!"


– E.D., Century Woods

"I’m so fortunate to have found BG Organizing! I have three young children and an absorbent amount of toys, and slowly our garage turned into a makeshift playroom, imagine an episode of hoarders! It had become out of control and dangerous, toys scattered & stacked everywhere with no organization whatsoever! It was a total mess, and I could never find the time to really do much about it.


I finally contacted BG organizing and I met with Bianca, she seemed unfazed by how bad it was and she reassured me they would have it organized in no time. I was given so many amazing ideas that I had never thought of including an area for each child and a beautiful reading nook which also doubled as a book storage area. Bianca and her assistant set to work sorting through everything, pulling out the broken toys for trash, the toys they no longer played with for donation and then sorting the good toys into types. They brought in two large heavy duty storage shelving units and a lot of storage tubs. Wow, I can not explain to you the difference! All my sons toy cars are even sorted into tubs by color! Now when they want to paint or play with a particular toy, it takes me just a couple of seconds to locate the right container as everything is labeled! They even took the stuff for donation to Goodwill for me and gave me a coupon for 1800 got junk so I could have them pick up all the trash.


I can not recommend BG Organizing enough, even my husband who wasn’t on board with getting outside help now wants to bring back BG to organize the rest of our house! Thank you again, Bianca, you went above and beyond our expectations and we now have a beautiful, safe, organized play area for our kids!"


– M.P., Laurel Canyon

"Bianca is an incredible organizer! She is kind, patient, professional and swift at providing recommendations on how to better organize your space and the storage items to purchase to create more order. I'd highly recommend her."


 K.M., Larchmont

"Thank you so much again for helping me out!!! My soul feels so much better."


– S.M., Studio City

"Bianca worked closely with us to organize and sort through a substantial amount of things in two rooms. Bianca was creative and helpful in assisting us, and particularly helpful in taking things away to drop off at the thrift center or in purchasing items for us which were useful in organizing the rooms. Bianca was also punctual and entirely trustworthy. She is welcome in our home any time, and we plan to work with her in other rooms."


H.A., Beverly Hills

"I hired Bianca to help reorganize my closet. She was amazing. Had such wonderful ideas on how best to use the space and what storage options and solutions would work for me. I now have the most beautiful and functional closet! Bianca was extremely professional, nice and helpful through the entire process. I can’t wait to use her again to organize more areas in my place!"


 H.O., Valley Village

"Bianca is the best. Professional, organized, a pleasure to work with. Brings all the necessary equipment to do the job. Extremely professional."


– M.L., Beverly Hills

"First, THANK YOU for all your hard work and brain power you lent to this project. Truly, you have helped me (us) run so much more efficiently, which is an eternal gift. Second, thank you for all the extra touches that you sprinkled into this project.  You have such skill for organizing, but your heart and thoughtfulness truly set you apart."


– S.B., Los Feliz

"Working with Bianca was fantastic! My space has never looked better!"


M.A., Beverly Hills

"You will not be disappointed! Bianca is the consummate professional. She is thoughtful, professional and has endless ideas on how to organize. She worked with me over several dates to organize my entire home. She is especially mindful of children’s room organization and was incredibly respectful of all of their treasures. She worked directly with my husband, and his closet went from disaster to dream! Bianca has a calm and supportive demeanor. Without hesitation, my family and I would work with her again."


S.R., Century City

"Bianca is great. She is totally professional, kind, smart, and efficient. I cannot say enough about the terrific job that she does. I would recommend her to everyone and anyone. It is a pleasure to work with her in our home."


– R.K., Beverly Hills

"Bianca and I just finished 3 days organizing my very chaotic home office. We started immediately, going through every box, every shelf, every area. She is exceptionally efficient – not a minute was wasted in those 3 days. She's supportive and knows how to take one through the tough job of tossing out what is no longer relevant. She created "worlds" in my office including writing, photography, scrapbooking, card making, and children's activities. I highly recommend this wonderful, energetic, knowledgeable professional. She's an outstanding example of a NAPO member."


– M.S., El Segundo

"You did a fantastic job. Glad that you explained what you were doing and why as we went. I like the efficiency and speed that the work was done in, as well as the information you provided it for donations, etc. I really love the way the closet looks now because it’s neat and sleek and makes a whole lot more sense. The extra containers you selected for me are awesome! Thank you!!!"


– N.S., West Hollywood

"Thank you for the great job you did organizing my pantry - what a difference!!! Love it!!!"

– B.R., Encino

"Working with BG Organizing has drastically improved the ease in my everyday life. Together with BG Organizing we were able to develop systems and structures that help keep my bedroom and life organized. As scary as it may have sounded, I was amazed and comforted at how easy Bianca made the organizational process. I now follow up about once a year for a quick refresh, and to help maintain those systems and structures we initially put into place! 10/10 for sure!"


– T.D., Hollywood

"Bianca did a great job of organizing my kitchen.  She was able to transform it into a much more workable space and came up with some great idea's to make it work better.  In addition, I found Bianca to be a pleasure to work with.  Very professional and positive.  I would highly recommend her!"


– T.G., Westminister

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